Commissioning a Portrait


A portrait is a positive commitment in time for the sitter as well as the artist so I help to plan sittings for tight schedules. Many people are surprised that it is possible to make the time, and surprised that it can be a welcome oasis in their busy lives. It can be thinking time or listening time. This is how it goes... 

Price depends on size and how much background detail is required so is best discussed by phone. My prices start at £2500 for a painting and £2000 for an oil pastel. Once a commission is confirmed, we have a first meeting to make acquaintance and then a second one to plan the work. After that, a head and shoulders portrait takes seven or eight two-hour sittings; a three quarter length, ten. It might occasionally be less, but quality cannot be rushed.  Click here to look in on a portrait sitting.


I’m naturally very flexible with children. Audio discs, chatting and frequent breaks are helpful and I’m in no doubt when the time is up.


Group portraits need careful planning and designing to get both personal and pictorial relationships right. They also need particular cooperation between diaries.

If you would like to discuss a possible portrait click Contact and links