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Everyone is worth painting. Here is a selection of over sixty portraits, from many more made over the last three decades. People from all walks of life; from academics to QCs, scientists and doctors to farmers and industrialists; from mothers, family groups and children, to ambassadors and peers. I try to

make my portraits as personal and individual as possible.

A portrait can be an island of peace in a busy life.

Portrait painting takes the patience and attention of a hunter. It requires commitment from both artist and sitter. People are often surprised to find that sitting for a portrait can be an interesting and rewarding experience.

If you are thinking of commissioning a portrait

look at what would be involved: Commissioning a portrait

if you would like to discuss a potential portrait contact me. I always respect tentative first enquiries.

Above is a detail from my portrait of Dr Doris Littlejohn, former Chair of Court of The University of Stirling. Her great charm and intelligence shone through the sittings; a woman of many talents.

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